Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everyday is Truly Special

It's me again...

I am getting to like the idea of blogging.  This is a very effective platform for reflecting on instructional decisions and ideas.  As an educator of students with special needs, reflection is par for the course.  

My last post centered around Devin, a dyslexic student. He qualified for assistive technology and currently works with an iPad device.  He has had his device for a little over two months.  His needs are mostly writing and reading support.  There are many apps and programs available to aid in these areas, but we selected specific ones just to suit his academic needs and grade level expectations.  These will likely change as grade expectations change and increase.  But, for now, he is accessing grade level reading materials and sharing his own ideas.  This is great progress for a student who once appeared to be working below a first grade reading level and incapable of writing his own ideas on paper.  It is like the light bulb came on, the heavens opened up, or the blind seeing.  I am sure Devin has his own story to tell and a word to describe his experience.  Maybe one day he'll share it. 

My future post will discuss and explore the applications and programs we selected to address Devin's specific needs.  I hope my experience with Devin will inspire and motivate others to seek out technology as a way to address the needs of students that simply need accommodations to access the general education curriculum.  No child should be left behind because they learn differently.  A different approach is all that is needed.