Thursday, April 25, 2013

Personal/Professional Learning Communities Start Yours Now!

Start a personal/professional learning community and do it now!  Many of you probably already have one do not recognize it as a PLC or PLN (personal/professional learning network).  If you have a Twitter or Facebook account and use it to communicate and share ideas with other like minded individuals, that's your learning community.  

What are the benefits?
  • Access to innovative ideas, research and newest technology 
  • Ability to learn beyond the school work day; you decide when and how you continue learning 
  • Expands your professional network beyond district boundaries and can take you global
  • Immediate feedback and responses possible
My personal favorite network is Twitter.  I have begun following many experts, enthusiast, and professional educators that share my interest.  Most provide important content or retweet information that address areas that impact education in one way or the other. It is an unlimited resource that increases my exposure to new and innovative ideas changing how we educate.  I personally enjoy connecting to others who share similar interest and can add their unique experiences to a discussion.

Below is a blogger and Twitter user who often tweets valuable information on the flipped classroom.  Here he is discussing what  PLC's are and why they are an important part of an educators professional development. Take time to read it and maybe join on the blogging/Twitter bandwagon. Nevertheless, start up your PLC or PLN and let the learning begin. 

Part 1…Professional Education Learning Communities … Definition…Process…Common Core