Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reading Support Needed? Bookshare Got You!

What can you do with a struggling fifth grader with severe dyslexia, but with great comprehension on material read aloud, vocabulary above grade level, and the will to succeed despite all?  You accommodate their needs with Bookshare.  

Bookshare is the spot to visit.  Bookshare is one of the world's largest online libraries for people with print disabilities.  Individuals with eligible disabilities can sign up for a membership.  But, organizations that work with and service individuals with print disabilities (like dyslexia) can also assist in providing individuals access.  There is unlimited access to books, textbooks, newspapers, and magazine.  

Bookshare Home

Thank goodness I work in a district that has a special education technology person dedicated to exploring and approving available applications and programs to assist our special needs kids in meeting their potential as well as state expectations.  This program is often incorporated into a student individual education plan as a needed accommodation.  

Bookshare allows you to download almost any book published.  Once you download a book, it can be read aloud on any compatible device.  The text is viewable so students can follow along and make the text to speech connections.  Now a student has access to grade level text that once would have been inaccessible.  

The student that was once relegated to picture books is now magically participating in class discussions.  Technology can very well unlock doors for individual with unique needs.