Monday, May 6, 2013

Is Teaching Really a Thankless Job?

Today is the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week and many will be acknowledged for choosing the teaching profession.  And it is well deserved. It is one of a few careers that greatly influence and impact the lives of so many young people.  A teacher has the ability to change the course of a child's life.  

But, in comparing teaching with many other professions, it came to mind that we are much like people of the cloth.  Teaching is much like being a pastor in terms that we deliver messages of hope, teach life lessons, encourage and motivate, counsel through tough times, and generously provide charity.  

Teaching truly has it moments when it can mimic many other careers/jobs. Most days teachers are doctors, psychologist, counselors, and foster parents in addition to providing instruction. And that is the one thing about teaching that makes it the most important career one could dedicate themselves to.  

Is teaching a thankless job as it is often stated?  If teaching is judged by the salary and it's lack of elite career status (at least in the U.S.), then maybe it can be defined as a low paying and under appreciated career.  

But, if you look at the final product of most teaching, you have presidents, nurses, astronauts, geologist, CEO's, pilots, lawyers, engineers, and any other job title one can think of.  

When all has been said and done, teachers create all the other professionals in the world.   So, as we celebrate this fact, seek out a teacher (preferably one who has touched your life) and give a little hope, encourage them, share your life lesson, and generously provide charity through volunteerism and mentoring. 
Or simply, thank a teacher just for choosing such an honorable profession.  

Thank you Ms. Ransom for teaching me the importance of reading.  Thank you Mrs. Washington for showing me how small my world was through global travels.