Friday, June 14, 2013

TV Special: TED Talks Education

As I sit home on my first day off work from my summer school position, I decide to browse the Internet to seek new connections for the upcoming ISTE conference.  I run across TED talks (I really like TED) and notice a series on how can we create an education system that works for kids, instead of against them? There are eight individual speakers who all have a background in teaching or educational leadership.  They all address different issues we face in our schools. 

This was my goal for the day and now I am way off track.   But I am rejuvenated about my choice to be a teacher. Sometimes, all it takes is little encouragement from like minded people to remind me that teaching is a most rewarding job.  When we keep in mind who and why we teach, nothing but positive relationships, academic success, and responsible citizenship can prevail. 

 I love what I do even though it is not viewed as the most glamorous  career in the U.S.  I know my influence will touch more lives than most people can count friendships. 

I took about an hour to watch and listen to all the speakers. 
My favorite speaker is Rita Pierson.  "Every kid needs a champion." Below is a link to the entire program. 

TV Special: TED Talks Education 

Enjoy the program and take time to listen to John Legend sing "True Colors."