Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Will Be the Change

" You Must be the Change You Wish to See in the World." Mahatma Gandhi

I cannot wait to see all the innovative teaching and learning that has been been tweeted about, educators write about and teachers prepare lessons to produce. This must manifest into greater student success; academically and socially. I spend a lot time in multiple personal learning networks (Wikis, Pinterest, Edmodo, etc.). But, I must confess, I have been very quiet about how excited I am about my passion for educational technology and the learning outcomes that will come from such transformational teaching. I have been a lurker. I have been sitting on the sideline listening and learning, but not really participating and sharing. I am Angelique, a special educator, mother of a previous special needs child (imagine that), team player, #edtech enthusiast and also known as @flipmylearning. I chose my Twitter name because I wanted my own learning and teaching strategies to be flipped. And I have experienced nothing less than life altering knowledge this past year.

As of today, I will no longer participate in the traditional teaching most will continue to practice that has been prescribed for hundreds of years. It is antiquated and lacks the ability to meet the needs of a growing global and technological world. It is not producing citizens that can improve, create and solve global issues. I will no longer teach quietly, passively, and selectively to a few lucky students. I will look at the curriculum and content through a lens for the future. I will actively voice, share, and support instructionally and professionally ALL students and teachers who are willing to explore and possibly fail along side me. This will be the first change I see in my world. It will start with me. I will be the change agent that I wish to see my students and colleagues embrace and implement in their own learning and teachings.

So here is my motivation, my mantra, my reminder that I must step outside my comfort zone and learn out loud for all to critique, modify, model, and if I am successful, follow.

Yes, yes!! I must be brave no matter if I am discouraged. I must persevere and hope the results speak for themselves. I do not want to produce great test takers but great problem solvers, leaders, and inventors. I know my passion shines bright everyday in my actions. It is fuel for my behavior and decisions inside and outside the classroom. I want to empower students with an attitude and the tools that will allow them to create their own destiny. If technology is here to stay, we must teach students content integrated with the technology of today as if we know what we are preparing them for tomorrow. The sky is the limit, and frankly...it is limitless.

Here is a tweet I received from a good friend and fellow teacher/learner. "Be the change you wish to see." It's like she read my mind. She doesn't know that she was the change agent in the way I see my career as a teacher today. You never know how you will influence someone, so always be willing to be the change you want to see in your world. Just like a match, be the strike that fires it up.

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