Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There's No Such Thing as an Over Achiever

There is no such thing as an over achiever... just people who have low expectations of others.

 "You are such an over achiever."  Have you ever been told that you are an over achiever?  I have been told this message from my mother and a supervisor in the past year.  Once I held this statement as a way saying I was doing a good job. I smiled with pride that maybe I impressed someone with my ability. But lately I have been rethinking the term over achiever.

I believe in putting forth effort.  Doing things to the best of your ability.  Being a role model for others. Excelling in matters that you are passionately about. Continuing professional development without employee mandate, but for the sake of self enlightenment. I sincerely want to improve on today for the betterment of tomorrow.  I want to grow!

Is that over achieving?  I don't think so! The above statements are things we want to see ALL of our students doing in their academic lives daily.  We should expect ALL of our students to exceed expectations.

I succeed because I seek different paths to grow.  I am willing to take risks and fail learning if necessary. I am passionate and knowledgeable about the opportunities I pursue. So call me me an over achiever and I'll ask, "why do you hold such low expectations for me."