Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too Much Passion?!?!

Today the words, "you can overdo your passion," was verbalized out loud. It was a response to a conversation on doing what you do well, love and how 'that thing' influences everything you do. Sir Ken Robinson calls it the 'Element'.

My initial thoughts were to not respond but analyze the statement in context to the prior comments. Maybe, I missed the point or misunderstood the intended meaning. But, being spontaneous when I hear words of criticism, I responded with, "my passion cannot be directed or weighed by someone who doesn't share or understand what I find most engaging." In other words, what is right for me might not be right for you, but best believe that what is right for you may not be right for me. The younger generation would say, "you do you and let me do me."

I suppose it is human to judge and compare ones self to others. But why not direct your focus on encouraging others to use their gifts and passions to impact a life or change the world? Who knows, your positive words and actions might be the catalyst to someone achieving greatly. Besides, who are you to belittle or diminish anyone's gift or passion?

I do not believe you can not overdo something that you have an aptitude and love for. And in the words of Brene Brown, "It's Not the Critic Who Counts." Did George Washington have too much passion when he revolted against the perceived oppressor? What about Harriet Tubman? Did she have too much passion when she helped slaves attain their freedom?

What if Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton never felt strongly about women's rights? Would women be voting today? Imagine Martin Luther King, Jr. uninterested in civil rights and equality....the Blessed Mother Teresa not dedicated to the poor...Bill Gates discouraged from spending time learning to code?

Too much passion? No! The above people changed the world because of their passion. Passion is putting more work into something than what may required to achieve it. It is not just enthusiasm or excitement, but ambition that manifest into action. It is when you put your heart, mind, body and soul into something to make it a reality. So...


If you are a don't matter.