Thursday, March 6, 2014

Early Adopter No More, I'm Just Doing Me!

The time has come when it is no longer appropriate to call ones self an early adopter. It has been a year and half (17 months to be exact) since I began my journey into what educators called educational technology. What I really embarked on is a way of thinking and teaching beyond the 'traditional' way we currently educate in America. And let's just say, in the words of Maya Angelou, " I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey..." 

An early adopter can be anyone who embraces new products and/or technology when it become available.  I'll define early adopters as lifelong learners who remain curious and hopeful.  When my journey started, I did not know what I applied for. I knew it was an opportunity to learn how the curriculum and technology intertwine.  And in all honesty, I initially believed it was about the devices, applications and websites.  But, that's not what I learned through my 17 month journey.  My take aways are far greater than I could have ever imagined.  And the hardware and software are just enhancements to the process, not the focus. 

Here is how we defined our early adopter experience via video:

The Journey Begins with Early Adopters
Although my early adopter experience started with an application, my journey will not come to an end. I now have three things that will guide my professional teaching philosophy. 

My Three Rules:

1. Stay Curious

2. Work Hard

3. Be Reflective

I want to see students taking risk, asking questions, connecting and communicating beyond the school building, taking ownership of their learning, creating and being innovative. I want educators to release the chains, really accept learner differences, and plan more engaging hands-on lessons. In short, I'd like to see students doing more and teachers stressing less. 

Classroom walls should be more space to display learning, not to isolate groups of learners. Buildings are beehives were student and teachers alike gather to collaborate, communicate, and share their learning beyond their communities. Education should be a actively engaging process for all participates.
Therefore, I officially announce my bridge from early adopter to accepter of all good teaching and learning that promotes student independence and life long learning for all!