Monday, February 9, 2015

Follow your heart
Have you ever been advised to do something and you kind of ignored it? You know you should listen but you have a million and one excuses why you just can't get started. And then one day...confirmation! Some small voice gets you to act.

I was fortunate to attend the 2015 TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) conference held in Austin last week. It is always exciting to be among like-minded people sharing ideas and discussing the possibilities of the use of technology in education. It was three days of listening, learning, and being motivated to do more upon returning to our home campuses. 

But the best part of my conference was meeting the people I follow daily on Twitter. The goal is to teach global communication skills to our students, but educators rarely seek those opportunities for themselves. The 2015 TCEA conference allowed me to meet and hear fellow Tweeters share their ideas in the flesh. But what happens when someone who you have never anticipated meeting confirms what you have been advised to do all along by a co-worker you see almost daily in your school building? 

Well, I can now answer that question.  You listen, and then you act! I have been encouraged for more than a month to write my ideas, thoughts and feelings in a blog.  I have resisted and ignored my inner need to share a part of me in words. It took a small voice from my Tweeter world to speak life into what my co-worker had been encouraging me to do all the while. But that voice made it loud and clear that I should have listened the first time those words spoke to my heart. I was told by a fellow tweeter my voice needs to be heard. Affirmation? Heck yea!

Thank you Maureen Ucles for encouraging me to share small pieces of myself with those who care to know. May I continue blogging and growing myself and others through words.