Monday, February 9, 2015


I love to talk with Angelique because we have so much in common. She shares some really cool websites and is totally addicted to technology.  It is nice to find such a kindred spirit.

I wonder though, and I know this is off task, does she know when Xtranormal will relaunch?  I am so desperate to make more fun videos using this tool. It is way better than GoAnimate.  GoAnimate is a great tool, but when you have experienced Xtranormal, anything else is a step down.

Does anyone out there know when and if Xtranormal will return?  I know that a group bought it and was going to relaunch, but hasn't done so yet. In the meantime, is there any software that could compare to it?  I would buy it, providing it isn't too expensive for a teacher's budget.  Chime in!

I will leave you with an Xtranormal video, if I can find one of my old ones.